Danish art

Sometimes I just feel like painting and drawing. I think it comes and goes. Nowadays I just don't think there is ever any energy or suitable time for it, but I wish that I would do it more. At least I get somewhat inspired when I look into this Danish home, styled by Rikke Graaf, and found on her blog Ellens album. Lovely picture. I like to find an idea, then imitate it and change it to my own (following the device "Good artists copy, great artists steal" - expressed by Picasso). Here I love the hair of the big painting. Somehow cool...

I also like collecting all kinds of funny, nice sketches or special art pieces that you can put into frames. I try to look for them whenever I am away somewhere in a new place or shop, on summer markets and flea markets. Never underestimate local illustrators. You can find individual pieces that does not hang in everybody else's home. 

I also liked the glass jars (in the same home) with painted letters in pink. I would not mind to have the tranebær glass jar (cranberry). I like the word and Danish spelling and not the least the pink text and I think it would just be quite delicious to have that much berries in my cupboard to put on the muesli every morning.
Photos / Ellens album
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 What inspires you? Where do you find or see art? And if you paint or draw, where do you find inspiration? I think art is everywhere. It can just be as simple as a painted glass jar in the kitchen cupboard. 



 Collage made by me with pictures from Ratiashop

Har ni sett dessa Marimekko look-alikes? Handdukarna är designade av Ristomattia Ratia som är son till Marimekkos grundare Armi Ratia. Ristomatti är bl.a. känd för att ha designat de kännspaka axelväskorna för Marimekko på 1970-talet och som har varit i produktion sedan dess (jag minns mina älskade gamla studieväska). Handdukarna hittade jag på supermarketen idag, och de säljs också i Ristomattis webshop. Ett plus för hand-handdukarna är att de är lite större (50x70 cm) än Marimekkos minsta motsvarigheter. Priset för dem är ungefär samma, men priset för de stora badhanddukarna var mera än hälften billigare. Gillar! Köpte några rosa handdukar idag. Tyckte dom var så fina. Hittar du någon favorit bland dessa? 

Have you seen these Marimekko look-alikes? The towels are designed by Ristomatti Ratia, the son of Armi Ratia, Marimekko's founder. Ristomatti is known for having designed the characteristic Marimekko shoulder bag during the seventies, which has been in production since then (I remember my beloved bag from the time of study). I found the towels in the supermarket today, and they are also sold in Ristomatti's webshop. A plus for the towels is that they are a bit bigger (50x70 cm) than Marimekko's smallest ones. The price is almost the same, but the price for the bath towels is half as much! I like! I bought a few pink towels today. They were so nice. Do you see any favourite among these?


Finnish designed tableware

1 Iittala, Sarjaton 
2 Marimekko, In good company
3 Marimekko, Tasaraita
4 Marimekko, Pallo
5 Iittala, Mariskooli
6 Iittala, Teema

When I buy tableware it is almost always, without hardly any exceptions, Finnish design. Iittala, Arabia and Marimekko. Simply because I think there is nothing else that compares to them. I have the whole white (+ black, too) series of Teema that I think is perfect to use either as it is, or, randomly mixed with other items and colours that fit my mood that day.

The first glasses I bought many, many years ago when I left home for studying were the Kaj Franck glasses in different colours. Nowadays I think they are a bit too small, but are perfect for children and I would never ever give them away for any reason, although the colours are not exactly what I would buy today.

When I was younger Mariskooli was not very popular. I referred to it as something that grandmothers had jelly fruits in and liked. But yes, I changed my mind. It is perfect for serving cookies, candies, nuts or jam!

And not the least. I find it just a perfect idea that Finnair and Marimekko have started a cooperation. Finnish design and tableware on Finnish flights, that's just obvious and the way I think it is ought to be!


Funny interior clichés

Source Alvhem

Alvhem snälla, jag tycker tavlorna/affischerna är så  roliga. Ni borde sälja dem i er butik. Citattavlorna på väggen, en liten parodi av de klassiska Andy Warhol affischerna samt Ljust & Fräscht showens reklamplakat med typiska inredningsklichéer av samma slag. Kan tänka mej att tavlorna lockar till skratt på lägenhetsvisningen. Kanske till  lite hjälp för en trött fastighetsmäklare som får låta argumenten tala storstilat för sig själva, utan att behöva repetera fördelarna om och om igen för alla spekulanter. Tavlan med "Detta rum är stort nog för kungligheter" blev min favorit.

Alvhem, please, the posters are so funny. You should sell them in your shop. The quotes on the wall seem to be a parody of the classic Andy Warhol posters as well as the advertisement posters for the Swedish show "Ljust & Fräscht" with typical interior clichés of the same kind. (Translation of the quotes: This room is big enough for royalties / The view makes pictures unnecessary). I can just imagine how these make the prospective buyers laugh when the apartment is shown. Perhaps they are of great help to tired real estate agents who just can let the arguments on the walls speak for themselves, without having to repeat the advantages over and over again for all visitors. The poster with the text "This room is big enough for royalties" became my favourite.


Wooden figures

As you might know I am quite weak for wooden figures. To the old traditional collections a new wooden figure has appeared, a little mermaid, designed by Hans Bølling for Architectmade. Den lille Havfrue (the Little Mermaid) suddenly got some competition. Clever idea, it seems like the perfect Danish item when thinking of the H.C. Andersen fairy tales and the symbols for Danish culture, and not the least, Copenhagen.


Rosendahl collection

I still remember that the Finnish blogger behind My second hand life made an excellent flea find last year. Almost a look-alike of the drummer boy in the Rosendahl collection. But to find something, you have to go to the flea market. I will try to be better regarding this because it is so fun to find something that is not available to buy for anybody else in the shops. An original piece of your own.