This is the living room and dining area of the Danish artist Brit Hendriksen. Sweet, isn't it?
I like the combination of design, colours, forms, material and patterns.
Everything! The mix goes straight to my ♥.
Source Femina and Brit's Pinterest


Birds and bandits

Own collage with pictures from Etsy and Bob Noon
I found these funny and cool drawings on Etsy and Bob Noon. All as usual made by talented Danish artists. I like these! It is so amazing that it does not have to be much or perfect to be gorgeous. It is the mix of pictures around your house that makes it and good art is when you stop and admire it for a while. Smile. I just think these would fit perfectly anywhere. On the shelf or wall. With black frames.
Almost made me feel like drawing some of my own. Ideas keep popping up...
Bandit cats by Jane Stub Kirchhoff

PS. Sofie Børsting's drawings are in the same nice style as Mette Hørsted's
drawings that I mentioned earlier in this post.

Good night readers! It is a new day tomorrow also...



A thing of beauty...

... is  a joy forever.
I bought the most wonderful small pineapple glass jar from Pentik today.
I have admired cut glass carafes for a while so this one I could not resist
(although this is not any carafe). I like decorative patterns on all kinds of
 surfaces. The jar is good for candies, accessories on the bedside table or
 just as it is (it has a lid). Today's tip!
The other things in the collage are also my favourites:
Cognac-coloured leather chairs in retro-inspired style
Glass vase with bubbles and metal net
(a good alternative to Svenskt Tenn's bubble vase) 
Summer green and striped vase
Own collage with pictures from corresponding webshops + Pinterest


Patterns + shapes

Own collage

Dagens inspiration. Är helt frälst i vaser med fina mönster, skålar med ovanlig form, udda stolar och ljuspunkter... Skulle gärna vílja hitta en liknande fruktskål som den svarta!
Oj, vilken värmebölja det blev plötsligt. Från kalla nätter till plötsligt 40 grader i solen. Värsta Grekland ju. Klädskåpet skriker att jag måste shoppa sommarkläder men det enda jag gör är ligger i solen och läser tidningar (och får massor med idéer)... I helgen tänkte jag bara koppla av, inga måsten efter hektiska dagar. Njuta av solen och se Eurovision. That's it!
Today's inspiration. I am sold on vases with nice patterns, bowls with unusal shapes, odd chairs and lights. I would like to find a similar fruit bowl as the black one!
Oh, what a heat wave we have got! From cold nights to suddenly 40 degrees in the sun! Just like Greece...The wardrobe shouts that I have to shop summer clothes but the only thing I do is lie in the sun and read magazines (and get a lot of ideas)... During the weekend I have to relax, no musts, after all hectic days. Enjoy the sun and watch the Eurovision. That's it!

Have a nice weekend!



Sometimes I lose myself in doing these mood boards. It is like relaxing therapy after a busy week. A time to reset and not think about anything at all. To mix colours and impressions. Just to please the eye and rest the brain. 

Wish you a happy, happy weekend! Remember to reset and take care!  

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Smiling sun

A mood board with things that inspire me at the moment.
Healthy meals, coloruful pink flowers, curved taps and different shades of blue.
Jeans, rocking chair and the lovely plate with the smiling sun, which is designed in honour of
The plate would be suitable for tired mornings at the breakfast table, don't you think?
Hope you are all well. I have had some days with funny cultural events (concerts, stand-up comedy et cetera) as well as a relaxed weekend as counterweight to my long working days lately.
Detective stories, gym, friends and relatives.
Have a nice new week!  
Moodboard with pictures from my Pinterest + Iittala