Wooden details

I came across these pictures when scrolling through my Pinterest flow the other day. They remind me of that I am weak for wooden details and preferably animals and other unexpected wooden interior items like, for example, funguses. I also spotted the new clock by Anne Boysen recently. All these go so very well with white interiors and if you like, as here, with concrete.
Photographer Elin Strömberg


Terrace and garden inspiration

Not spending much time inside right now. The weather is for once so hot that you hardly have time to do the dishes inside... Out, out, hurry, because we Scandinvians know that all at once it starts snowing again...So I just enjoy the summer months now and the free time. And of course, I am also dreaming of that perfect terrace and garden. Because the balcony is not very popular right now. Too hot! My pink flower is not feeling very well. Too much or too little water?

Above my best picks of terrace and garden inspiration. Which part do you like most?

5 Pyrus salicifolias | Weeping pears (silverpäron). Also called the olive trees of Scandinavia.
6 Eero Aarnio-inspired Bubble chair and reading corner (also when it rains!)


We love homes

I found the most beautiful blog some days ago. All photos are a real delight to the eye.
The duo and talented couple behind the blog runs the company Less is more where the concept is to renovate, style and sell apartments. Looking forward to follow their new project and move to a new home at the Aura river in Åbo, Finland!
See more inspiring photos here.
All photos by We love homes.
PS. If you like the cushions, they are designed by another duo, Saana and Olli.



Happy July


My vacation started yesterday!  Five weeks, wow, and the sunny and warm weather started on the very exact first day of it after a chilly June. I knew it!

Happy July!

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