My new wall balls by Vitra

I saw these wall balls by Vitra for the first time this summer at a friend's house and thought they were so cool. Now I am so happy to have five bright magnets of my own! They resemble Vitra's Hang it all coat hanger in walnut that I bought some years ago. I will use these on my refrigerator as a splash of colour in my kitchen but I noticed that they look equally good to place anywhere around your home where you can fasten magnets. Today's tip! Design in a nutshell!


Visiting Hammarby Sjöstad

This home is for sale in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, by Fantastic Frank. What I want to save to my inspiration folder in these pictures is the Superfront cabinet. Superfront is making front designs that fit exactly on Ikea's Bestå cabinets. As you know I have a Bestå cabinet in my living room and sometimes I play with the thought to replace the doors with Superfront's doors to make it look a bit more exclusive, new and personal. I would not dare to go for bluish-grey fronts and sides as above, but if I had another hallway than now, I think this colour would look very good there as well. I love the fish-scale pattern and, not the least, the handles.
Other things in these pictures that I like are the black candlestick and the Bless-this-house-mat in brass. And what a pity that the Sinnerlig jug by Ilse Crawford is only available on spot in the Ikea stores, not in the webshop. I just see a pink, blue and green flower arrangement in it...


New lamp

Hi from the blog shadow! I did not at all plan to be away this long, but suddenly the twenty-four hours were not quite enough for me and I had no choice. New work load and tasks, some trips and long days with tiredness in the evenings. On top of this it has been my birthday and I have fixed a bit for some small celebrations coming up. Besides this my bike has gotten stolen, which has, until now, been quite a rare thing in our little, safe town. So everything has been a mess at all fronts, but today I managed to catch up a bit with everything that has piled up lately. The home is super clean and all post-it notes have been gone through.

I have so missed sitting down at the computer, blogging, surfing around, reading newspapers and blogs. I think that is my kind of revival to cope with my everyday life otherwise. I do not like a hectic life style and need those slow moments in-between.

I tried to take some new photos with my new system camera, but, gosh, those settings! I need to practise more. Anyway no time for that now so here you can see some of my birthday gifts. A loveable, black Gubi lamp and a new book. I planned to have the lamp on my desk, but as the shade was quite low I thought it suits the bedside table better, to direct the light only on my book pages when reading, without lightening up the whole room.
Happy weekend!


Marimekko in cooperation with Lotta Agaton

Lotta Agaton has done an amazing autumn/winter styling for Marimekko in her previous home.

I have a few single pieces of the Siirtolapuutarha mugs, bowls and plates with black dots and now I see that the collection has been increased with, among other things, new plates, a pitcher and jars. Did I say I like graphic?

Pictures | via Trendspanarna